It’s almost Easter again and at nq ortho, we thought we’d share some Easter candy tips with you all!

To protect your braces, steer clear of the following Easter treats, or recipes with these ingredients:

• All hard lollies

• All chewy lollies

• Caramel

• Nuts

• Licorice

• Jelly beans

• Hard pretzels

• Bubblegum

• Popcorn (including unpopped kernels)

• Ice

Of course, Easter does not have to be completely treat-less. Braces-friendly Easter treats can help you enjoy the holiday. For example, plain chocolate candy is okay, provided you remember to brush and floss afterwards! So, eat all the chocolate bunnies you can get your hands on!

We suggest looking for foods that are soft, such as soft chocolate that can melt in one’s mouth or peanut butter cups. Overall, candies that aren’t sticky, chewy, hard or crunchy are generally acceptable.