Dr Rhonda is competing in The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge 2014 to help raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Programme.

Go to Kokodachallenge.com.au to read more about this worthy fundraiser and help support Dr Rhonda and her team“THE TOOTHFAIRIES” on the challenge!

The Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast is hailed as Australia’s toughest endurance event. It is a grueling, cross country, 4-person team event held over 96km, with a time limit for completion of 39 hours.

There is a good reason behind this distance and time – 96 km is the length of the actual Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea and the 39 hour time limit is in honour of the 39th Militia, the first Australian troops to set foot on the Kokoda Track. Participants (with the help of their support crew) trek a 96 km course that leads along fire trails, crosses 12 creeks and summits 5,000 m of vertical elevation. The goal is to finish as a complete team of four in honour of the spirit forged on the Kokoda Track in 1942: courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

In addition to the physical challenge of the trekking event itself, teams are required to take up the challenge of raising funds for the Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP) by seeking sponsorship and support. All funds raised go to our youth programs, supporting young people in our own backyards.

Established in 2014 Kokoda Youth Program supports young Australians, inspiring them to do extraordinary things. We challenge there deeply held beliefs, allowing them to explore their limits and abilities, and provide them with opportunities for personal growth.

Transforming the lives of hundreds of 12 to 17 year olds each year, Kokoda Youth Foundation has an inevitable impact on families, schools and entire communities. Embedded in each program is the philosophy choices matter and the effort you apply to each endeavor has a direct correlation to your success and fulfillment in life.

How to donate

Team Tooth Fairies
Team Number KC235