As you may have heard, the Cairns City Council is planning to remove the fluoride from our city’s water! As a members of the medical and dental community of Cairns, we’d like to share with you a petition our colleagues in the dental and medical community have put together, and share a little about why fluoride is important.

As outlined on the petition’s website, “The Australian Dental Association has said: “Water fluoridation has been one of the most widely studied and endorsed public health measures of all time”. The CSIRO and various Australian health departments all recommend fluoride treatment of water supplies continue.

Please do not condemn the population (in particular the poorer households who have least access to dental treatment) of Cairns to poorer dental health due to the conspiracy theories of the vocal few ignorant people – please listen instead to medical experts.”

We would appreciate you taking a moment to sign the online petition, and sharing the information we’re sharing with you. Thank you so much in advance!

To sign the petition, please click here.