Life with Braces

Yes, there are foods that you should probably avoid. It's best if you try and stay clear of any foods that are chewy, crunchy, sticky or hard. This includes lollies, nuts, ice, corn-on-cob, some meats with bones and anything else that may impact or break your braces.

Discomfort isn't an emergency. Because we only offer the Damon System the pain and discomfort shouldn't be as severe as it would be with regular braces. If you do experience pain, don't stress, it just means your teeth are moving! To ease the pain and discomfort of your braces sipping or swirling cold water around in your mouth will relax the wires and provide you with relief

It is normal for your teeth to feel a little loose at first. If you're teeth are loose don't stress, they're not falling out! Your teeth at times may feel a little loose but this is just caused by the widening of the fluid sack at the base of the tooth, which sometimes happens when your teeth are moving. 

Keep playing the sports that you love! It's best to wear a mouth guard when you're playing sport, but there's no reason to stop contact spots all together. 

If you feel like something is loose or broken, please give us a call. Even if we can't fit you in for an appointment immediately, we can guide you through some temporary fixes that you can carry out at home. 

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