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Braces Cairns & North Queensland

Traditional braces use a gradual force to control tooth movement with a combination of ceramic and clear brackets and the use of metal wires. The brackets are bonded individually on to each tooth and what moves the teeth is the wire that goes through the brackets, you start off with a thin flexible wire and work your way up through various wires to a thicker and firmer wire.

Braces are a fixed appliance, this means you cannot remove them from your mouth. There are a few things to consider when deciding if braces are right for you; this includes maintaining a high level of oral hygiene and making changes to your diet. If you do not brush and clean your braces correctly you can get irritated and bleeding gums which may result in white spots (decalcification) on your teeth when your braces come off. Changes in your diet are made to avoid breaking your braces, these changes include avoiding sticky, crunchy and hard foods and cutting foods such as apple and carrots into bite sized pieces or grating them.

The trick to successful braces is avoiding breakages and keeping them clean otherwise they won’t work and will delay your treatment.

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What’s included in your braces treatment

  • Bonding of braces
  • Oral hygiene starter pack
  • Elastics (if required) and wax
  • All adjustment appointments
  • Dental Monitoring app, 1x set of retractors and 1x scan box
  • Removal of braces at end of treatment
  • Retainers and periodic retention appointments for 2 years after active treatment

Braces cairns

What’s not included in your braces treatment

  • Additional oral hygiene products
  • General Dentist costs - for the extraction of teeth for orthodontic purposes, 6-12 month regular dental checks, cleans and fillings
  • Other Specialist costs - if we need to refer you to another specialist such as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, a Periodontist or a medical specialist.
  • The temporary removal and rebond of braces for a special occasion such as a school formal or a wedding
  • Non-orthodontic appliances such as mouthguards needed during or after treatment
  • Visits to us after two years of retentions and retainer supervision has passed
  • Re-treating you if you have not worn your retainers correctly and have let your teeth move

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