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nq ortho is in the business of improvement - and we don’t just mean improving smiles. We use everything in our power to better our community and our environment, through sustainable, eco-friendly actions at our practice. 

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A green clinic you can count on

We do everything we can to cut back on waste at our clinic. This includes going paperless wherever possible, and storing all important information electronically. We invest in the latest technology, to enhance our efficiency, decrease our energy use, and minimize our footprint. 


Increasing convenience - reducing carbon emissions 

We are proud to offer Dental Monitoring to our Invisalign patients at nq oOrtho. Using the Dental Monitoring smartphone app, you can skip the trip to our practice - and have virtual check-ins instead. That means less appointments to fit in your schedule, and less cars on the road.


See our eco-friendly practice in person

Book a consultation with our friendly team at our cutting-edge Cairns practice. We can’t wait to put a smile on your face with our efficient, discreet and sustainable treatments.

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