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Can I transfer to your practice?

Yes, usually! If you are relocating from interstate of overseas, and would like us to continue your care, please contact us. We cannot always accept transfers, because of the unique appliances and/or techniques your existing previous practitioner was using.

If you wish to transfer us, we ask that you provide us with the following information prior to your first appointment; this information will be essential to determining whether it would be suitable for us to continue with your treatment.

  • A letter of referral from the previous orthodontist.
  • Copy of accounts or financial contracts from the previous orthodontist.
  • All diagnostic records such as study models, photographs and dental x-rays.

We will see you for a new patient transfer in consultation first so that Dr Rhonda can assess where you are at in your treatment journey ($99 consultation fee - health fund rebates available).

We will provide you with your fees to continue or finish off your treatment with us - from there, if you decide to go ahead and transfer into our practice, we can schedule in your next visits.

Call, text or email us to get the process started!

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Are you leaving us? Do you need to transfer to another orthodontist?

If your circumstances have changed and you need to transfer to another orthodontist call us to talk through your options. If we can, we will help you with finding an orthodontist interstate or overseas. Your records can be emailed to you or directly to your new orthodontist.

Please note โ€“ treatment systems and fees vary greatly across Australia and internationally, there is no guarantee that our quote will be similar to another orthodontist interstate or overseas. It is the responsibility of the new orthodontist to provide a quotation for the continuation and completion of the patientโ€™s orthodontic care. All monies owed to us need to be paid prior to departure.

Invisalign treatment

FAQ for Transfer patients

No, there is a fee for initial appointments for patients already in treatment.

Possibly, one of the more common misconceptions in orthodontics is that all braces and treatments are the same. There are many different types of appliances. Each bracket type has a specific prescription built in that your doctor likes to use. Because of this there are multiple combinations of bracket system type and prescription that you could have bonded on to your teeth.

Overall treatment costs may be increase when there is a transfer of care because of the expense of progress diagnosis and treatment planning and the added length of treatment time. Your original orthodontist will need to calculate the treatment value to date and fees paid to date to work out if any balances need to be adjusted (ie money owed to you or the practice); and then the new orthodontist will need to assess the amount of treatment remaining and their fee for that treatment to provide you with a quote for the continuation of your care. Your records can be given to you or mailed directly to your new orthodontist.

Your new treatment fee may be surprisingly more or less than what you originally contracted for at your initial office. Treatment systems and fees vary greatly across Australia and internationally, there is no guarantee that one quote will be similar to another orthodontist interstate or overseas.

Sometimes yes. The estimated treatment time will generally take longer when a transfer is made during active treatment. Treatment takes longer because the new Orthodontist always takes a few months to become familiar with the new patients response to treatment or it simply takes time to find and see a new orthodontist.

When you have completed your move, make contact with the new orthodontist as soon as possible to minimise any delays in treatment.

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