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An array of tools to make your smile shine

Every case is different. There is no one single treatment method to suit every smile! Dr Rhonda Coyne uses a range of orthodontic appliances to achieve your perfect smile. With the help of separators, positioners and ties, she is able to get the best results through a custom treatment plan tailored just for you.

Want to find out exactly what is involved in your treatment? Discuss your options with our team at your consultation.

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Bite correctors (Expanders and Plates)

A bite corrector is either a removable plate or a fixed expander worn to correct early dental problems. They are commonly used for the correction of bite problems such as an overbite, single tooth cross bites or for jaw expansion of a narrow arch.

The plate is made with hard acrylic and there are a range of colours and options to choose from. The expander is made with metal and is made digitally to ensure a snug custom fit.

Bite correctors

What’s included in your treatment:

  • Impressions/Scan needed to manufacture appliance
  • Fitting of appliance
  • 1x appliance case (removable only) & 1x appliance key
  • Elastics (if required)
  • All adjustment appointments
  • Retainers and periodic retention appointments for 2 years after active treatment

Expanders and Plates

What’s not included in your treatment

  • Repairs or replacement of the appliance
  • General Dentist costs - for the extraction of teeth for orthodontic purposes, 6-12 month regular dental checks, cleans and fillings
  • Other Specialist costs - if we need to refer you to another specialist such as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, a Periodontist or a medical specialist.
  • Non-orthodontic appliances such as mouthguards needed during or after treatment
  • Visits to us after two years of retentions and retainer supervision has passed (unless on review)
  • Re-treating you if you have not worn your retainers correctly and have let your teeth move

Invisalign treatment

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