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Elastics play a key role in treatment with braces, and you may need to care for your elastics all on your own. That’s why the team at nq ortho is here to help you understand what elastics are, and how best to use them to benefit your treatment.

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What are elastics?

Elastics look like small rubber bands, but they aren’t the kind you use in daily life. Orthodontic elastics are made from a special medical-grade latex which is safe to use in your mouth. There are also latex-free options for people with allergies.


How are elastics used in orthodontics?

In orthodontics, elastics are used to apply targeted pressure to your teeth that can be difficult with braces alone. They are especially important in the bite-fixing phase of treatment.

The elastics will be attached to tiny hooks on the brackets of your braces (or special buttons on your aligners) to help move specific teeth up, down, backward, forward or side to side.

It is important to wear your elastics exactly as instructed by Dr Rhonda. Incorrect wear can prevent teeth from moving, or move teeth in an undesired direction.


Caring for your elastics

Because elastics are such an important part of treatment, you want to take proper care of them. Carry extra elastics with you at all times in case one breaks or gets lost. If you run out of elastics for whatever reason, stop by our office right away instead of waiting for your next appointment.

To make the most of your elastics, they should only be removed for eating or brushing your teeth. Make sure to wash your hands before taking out or putting in your elastics as well.

While it may be tempting to try and speed up your tooth movement, resist the urge to double up on your elastics. This can create too much pressure, and can actually damage the roots of your teeth.


Learn more at your consultation

Ask us how elastics can benefit your treatment during your consultation with our team in Cairns or Atherton.

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